Condo Decor: 7 Blogs to Inspire You

decor blogsYou signed on the dotted line and you’ve finally unpacked everything, so now it’s time to give your new condo a little “you” flair! If you’ve made the leap into ownership and have said goodbye to the days of apartment renting, then you are probably looking for more than free furniture finds on Craigslist or ways to spruce up your place with yard sale bargains. If so, we’ve put together a list of decor blogs that are right for the slightly older, more financially stable you. Not to worry though, each one of these fabulous blogs gets the basics of putting together chic, sophisticated spaces without bank-breaking prices. From choosing a paint color to getting the look you want, these sites share downright perfect ideas for inspiring your new condo decorating adventures!

Houzz — If you’ve got hours to kill, you could certainly spend them all and more on this great decor site. Packed full of splendidly stylish rooms, there’s no doubt that you’ll find at least one — or a hundred — ideas that you want to incorporate into your new condo! A feature that we love about this blog in particular? There’s a great Q&A forum that goes along with every photo where readers help each other find products similar to the items pictured! Additionally, this site leaves no room untouched — from the mudroom to the storage closet, they’ve got you covered with style.

Better Homes & Gardens — Before you wonder why we’ve included BHG in our list, take note that this decor legend has updated quite a bit since it’s days of laying on your grandma’s coffee table. In fact, their blog is bursting with excellent decorating ideas, and more. For tips and advice, DIY projects, and paint ideas, this is one of the decor blogs that should be at the top of your “must check” list. Trust us, browse before you decorate a single corner of your new condo.

Addicted 2 Decorating — Interior decorator turned blogger, the woman behind this site has created a site for all condo-dwellers. Living in a condo of her own, she breaks down ways to make the most of your space and really take up your interior a few notches. For practical advice from someone who knows the limitations and benefits of condo life, this is the place to check out!

CasaSugar — Ever heard of PopSugar? Well, CasaSugar is the home decor version of this trendy and upbeat site. We’ve included them here because their features are innovative, hip, and, most of all, fun and creative. If you like rooms that are edgy and a bit bohemian, this is the condo decorating blog for you!

Elle Decor — We have nothing but great things to say about this blog. From the creative upcycling to the celebrity home features to the excellent advice articles, your condo can only look gorgeous if you make this site a regular on your reading list.

So Haute — If you are a color lover like us, then this hue-driven blog is bound to become one of your new favorite places to go for inspiring ideas and out-of-this-world decor finds. Say goodbye to blah walls and basic, boring tones and hello to one happy and bright condo. It all starts with a perusal of this top-rated blog!

Do you have a decor blog that’s you go-to for inspiration? Please share below!

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Audra Jones is a Georgia native and recent grad of Mercer University. These days she's dreaming of condo life and has just begun her adventurous search for home sweet home.

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  1. Quezon City Condo

    Nice list for Condo decoration. Condo has limited space so we must be very particular with the desigs we choose. Must be very clean and pleasing to the eyes.