10 Favorite Blogs for Condo Owners

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Condo and Co-op style living is quite different from renting an apartment or buying a house. There are all kinds of rules and financial procedures to follow, and a home owner’s association (HOA) to contend with. If you’re new to the condo scene, or even if you’re a veteran condo owner, we’re pretty sure you could stand to benefit from having good sources of advice in your corner at all times. As always, we’re here to help, ready with answers your questions about buying, financing, decorating, and even selling your condo. That said, we know that there are many other great blogs that can  steer you in the right direction when it comes to all the intricacies of condo ownership.  So, below are our picks for blogs and websites that every condo owner should have bookmarked!


CondoIssues.com — Run and written by a attorney who is well-versed in the specifics of condo and HOA laws, this site is great for helping you know your rights as a condo owner. Plus, he tackles many great legal questions that are likely to come up throughout your time in your condo.

Condo Law Guru — This blog is also run by an attorney who has dedicated her life to solving condo and HOA legal issues. Although laws tend to be dense and confusing to read, she breaks them down in a layman-friendly terms that we really appreciate.


CondoAssociation.com — Although this site’s blog tackles many different issues related to condo living, we think their financial tips are really where the money’s at (pun intended). If you’re a first time condo buyer, we can’t stress enough how important it is to look at their HOA loans section.

Condo Owner Magazine – The focus of this blog is on resort condos, but they also have informative advice for potential buyers and sellers of other types of condos as well.

Lifestyle & Decor:

Houzz — Don’t you hate it when you find an inspiring decor photo that you want to replicate for your condo, but there are absolutely NO details about the paint colors, the decor, etc.? Yeah? Us, too. Houzz is a great solution to that problem because they often refer you directly to products shown in the photos they feature or they direct your to similar products that you can buy for your own place.

Addicted 2 Decorating — We could spent hours upon hours scrolling through the many DIY and decor ideas on this site. When decorating your condo, it’s certainly worth you time to browse this blog a little!

All Things Condo:

Condo & HOA Smart — Whether you’re hiring a contractor or trying to sell, Condo & HOA Smart is all about helping you avoid potential risks as scams, which is priceless info when you’re new to the condo scene.

Several major online real estate sites also include all-purpose home & condo owner advice blogs. Our favorites are Zillow Blog, Trulia’s Blog and Redfin Blog. These three cover everything from financing to celebrity homes, and their archives are chock-full of advice on every homeowner topic.

Condo and Co-op folks, are there any other blogs that you’d recommend to our readers? Share a link below!

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Audra Jones is a Georgia native and recent grad of Mercer University. These days she's dreaming of condo life and has just begun her adventurous search for home sweet home.

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  1. elena fringler

    Yeah those Blogs are great. I have seen some of them last year.
    Thanks for the posting and the Blog.

  2. andreadeezee

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    check it out at realcondolife.me

  3. condo management company

    I never thought a blog about blogs can be so interesting. I went through some of the blogs you mentioned and they are really helpful.

  4. HOA CPA

    Nice listing of condo sites. I don’t believe I have seen a comprehensive list like this before. People don’t always understand the legal, tax and operational issues associated with condo communities.