7 Easy Tricks to Give Your Condo a Budget Facelift for Spring

By Alisa Helly

Thinking of sprucing up your home for spring? We are here to help you do so on budget with a few simple but effective tricks.

Happy Couple Placing Sofa In Living Room1. Rearrange Your Furniture and Accessories

One of the best ways to better your home is by smartly rearranging the stuff you already have. Begin by piling up all your movable accessories on the floor (things like pictures, vases, throw pillows, bookends, etc). Sort them out by color (or size or any other trait that you prefer) to rearrange and reposition them in a different manner. Similarly, you can create a new look and feel by rearranging your furniture.

2. Change Hardware and Fixtures

Changing your outdated or worn faucets, cabinet pulls, drawer handles and various other hardware will immediately improve how your home looks and functions. Something as little as replacing the old kitchen faucet or getting a new backsplash can make all the difference in enhancing your kitchen ambiance. You might also consider a new accent bedside lamp in your bedroom, or look to renew your bathroom drawers by installing new pulls on them. Similarly, a contemporary chandelier or pendant light can give your living room the much needed facelift.

3. Create Your Fitness Zone

Was “getting in shape” a part of your New Year’s resolutions, but it now seems like an uphill battle with every passing day? Well, you can still turn things around  without too much effort. Wondering how? Just get yourself a shelf or rack, strong enough to hold weights, ropes and other fitness equipment, and make use of an unoccupied corner of your bedroom. This arrangement will ease you into a quick workout session every morning before shower.

4. Create a Serene Corner

What about dedicating 2016 for self-reflection and self-improvement?  Transform a quiet corner of your apartment into your “Serene Corner” by finding a comfy chair and pairing it with a little table.

5. Shuffle the Art Around

You might not have noticed, but your gallery wall has been up like this for ages and it badly needs a new twist. Again, you can do this in no time without spending any money; just shuffle around your art pieces rearranging them for a new look, and you are done.

6. Lighten Up

Don’t you think you’ve had enough of this gloomy winter? Lighten up and open your windows or if there’s still some chill in the air, leave the windows closed but slide open your heavy curtains.

7. Add Some Greenery

And don’t forget, a little bit of green is always a refreshing sight indoors.  A new easy-to-care plant or vase full of spring flowers will perk up your living room and give it a nice and warm look.

Our contributing blogger, Alisa Helly, is currently associated with Home Arena. She is a pet lover with three cute little kitties who is passionate about decor and design and loves to share her knowledge with the world.


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