Infographic: 50 Ways to Save Energy

By Justin Barisich

The beauty of condo living is that you get the benefits of both home ownership and apartment renting. You have a prime location in the area of your choice, community living with nearby neighbors, a reduction of unused space and costs, and most of the unwanted home chores taken care of by the homeowner’s association. But, most importantly, when it comes to changing something about your own unit – such as making it more energy efficient – you actually have the power to change it for the better.

With this infographic in hand, you can go around your entire condo and check on – and improve – any energy inefficiencies in your condo. You’ll want to pay particular attention to your air conditioner, central heating unit, and hot water heater; your insulation and ventilation; your smart harnessing and deflecting of the sun’s energy; and each of your home appliances, lighting units, and both large and small electronic devices.

In the end, saving energy isn’t just something you do once – it’s a lifestyle. And if you’re serious about avoiding waste, while simultaneously lowering your energy bills, you must be proactive about finding problems as well as resolving them. And while each of the individual actions listed below may be small individually, when you put them together, they add up to massive savings – both for the environment and your wallet.



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