Do You Need An Extra Bedroom?

Condo hunting will bring a lot of options to consider. If you have extra money to spend on payments each month, one of those options may be choosing a place with an extra bedroom, whether that means you choose a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom. But, do you really need the spare space, or would the cash be better? Here are some questions to help you decide.

Are you moving in with your SO?

No matter how close you are with your significant other, moving in together will teach you a LOT about your partner, and very quickly. When I first moved in with my SO, he had a one-bedroom, and we felt cramped with stuff, plus there wasn’t anywhere to spend personal/alone time. Adding a second bedroom to our next condo was a game-changer. Not only was the floor plan more spacious, but the extra bedroom serves as an office space as well as bedroom for guests, meaning we can take some quiet time apart there.

Does moving in with your SO mean you NEED two bedrooms? No way! But be sure to consider the floor plan of your new place and try to decide if the area gives you enough space to breathe.

Do you often have overnight guests?

Hosting overnight guests is one of the best things about having a 2-bedroom condo, because your guests get a comfortable space and privacy. I’ve found that friends are much more excited to come visit now that they are ensured a bed instead of a spot on the floor! Plus, friends stay overnight more often, even just after a late-night dinner party, because it’s more convenient.

Again, you don’t need an extra bedroom to host friends and family in your condo. If you’re tight on space, consider investing in an air mattress, or even just a few extra pillows and blankets if the need arises.

Do you love to entertain friends and family? 

If you’re a big entertainer (like me!), look for living spaces that are more spacious, whether in a second bedroom or in the living room/dining area. Often, multiple-bedroom floor plans include more common space, which may be worthwhile for you. Space is crucial in your condo, especially when there are multiple people over!

Are you able to work from home?

This is a key question, because your second bedroom can easily convert to an at-home office with the addition of a desk and chair. If you’re able to work from home some days during the week, you’ll save commuting money by relying on your home office. Yes, you can be productive at your bar or kitchen table or sofa, but nothing compares to having a haven to focus and get work done.

Where would this help me save money?

Consider ways to use your second bedroom to help you save money. Can you use it as a home gym (and cut out your gym memberships)? Save money on commuting to work? Save money on travel by hosting friends at your place instead?

A second bedroom can add significantly to your monthly housing costs, but if you are comfortable in your budget and have the funds available, it could be worth it to improve your condo experience. Plus, if it makes you too tight on money, you can always move into a smaller space if you find you don’t use the extra room!


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