Hello and Welcome to myfirstcondo.com

When you were ready to move out to your first rental, our sister site, MyFirstApartment.com, helped to make it happen. We were there for you when you dealt with bad landlords and deadbeat roommates. We showed you how to furnish your new place on a shoestring, and helped you manage your budget so that the rent got paid. Now that you are an old pro in the rental game, we’ll have your back again as you start your next real estate adventure, buying your first condo or co-op.

myfirstcondo.com will give you practical, common sense advice about the whole process of making that first big dollar purchase, buying your own condo or co-op.  (Yes, the site is called My First Condo, but we’ll cover co-ops, as well, and explain what’s the difference.) We’ll talk about the signs that tell whether you are ready to buy…or not. We’ll describe how a mortgage works and how to pick one that is best for you. We’ll show you how to check out the building and the apartment you are considering, and how to make an offer after you have found your dream condo or co-op. Finally,  we’ll explain what happens at the closing and what to do after you have the keys in your hand.

So, come along as we help to turn you from a renter into a proud condo or co-op owner. And let us know what you’d like us to cover in future posts.


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